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#1163 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Stranger

Today I had a MountainWings Moment. 

It is really amazing that once you begin to open your mind and 
spirit to new ideas how you become elevated to another level 
with each situation that you encounter.

I recently read the MountainWings issue about running the hill 
or allowing the hill to run you and it immediately came to mind 
after my recent encounter with a stranger.

Today, I had an errand to run during work. The errand involved 
driving in downtown Atlanta during lunchtime, which I rarely do. 
I got lost trying to find my way back to the interstate.

Nevertheless, upon leaving the downtown area, I was making a 
left turn through an intersection where there was a crosswalk. 
I saw a man walking in the crosswalk as I began to turn, 
apparently, he didn't see me coming. He looked as if I had 
startled him and as if he thought that I was going to strike him 
with my car. 

The man just stopped dead in his tracks. Since I was in the 
middle of the intersection blocking the road and he had stopped 
walking, I proceeded through the crosswalk instead of allowing 
this man to pass first. 

As I slowly drove by, the man yelled out, "You stupid b____." 

I looked into my rearview mirror and watched him cross the 

I was totally shocked. 

I thought that his words were certainly out of line. 

For a moment, I began to let his words penetrate my spirit as I 
took them personally. I was torn between shouting out to him 
"Go to h___" or "Jesus loves you." 

All of a sudden, I had another thought; it was like a light bulb 
flooding every corner of my mind. I immediately recalled the 
story about running up the hill. I knew that this was a 
MountainWings Moment. If you haven't read "The Hill" click this 
link to read it. http://www.mountainwings.com/past1/1108.htm

This was a lesson that I had to learn. I would have to learn 
how to handle negativity from anyone, stranger or friend. I 
would have to learn to control my emotions when someone says or 
does something that I don't feel is warranted. I know some may 
think that I am making far too much of this scenario; that it 
wasn't that serious but you'll be surprised how a small negative 
comment can have a big impact if you don't climb the mountain.

I have become a more open-minded person; I often see things in 
their fullness. I feel that there is purpose for everything 
that happens in my life, although that purpose may not always be 
revealed at the exact moment a situation occurs. 

I know this may sound strange to some, but I am now learning to 
find the good in things that happen in my life. I've decided to 
weed through all things in the garden of life that I may first 
consider bad and try to find some light or some goodness in it, 
even if it is microscopic. 

I guess the words of that stranger were not in vain; they taught 
me another little lesson for that day and let me climb a little 
higher on the mountain.

by Britte Blair
Assistant to the main writer of MountainWings 

A MountainWings Original

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