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#1177 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Third Level

Today, I will illustrate third level thinking.

Many of you have already traveled to the third level.

I recently sent an e-mail requesting that all who intended to 
un-subscribe from MountainWings because they didn't like it or 
it wasn't benefiting them to do so now, so that we wouldn't move 
into a new rate structure for the month's e-mailing.

That e-mail was really multi-purposed. Yes, it is true that we 
are close to the current limit. I mainly realized that many on 
the MountainWings list did not sign up themselves. A friend or 
relative signed them up.

We don't have what's called a double opt-in system. That's a 
system where you must respond from your e-mail address before 
you will be added to the mailing list. Double opt-in prevents 
anyone from signing you up without your permission.

Some were signed up on MountainWings without their permission. 
For those that were and didn't like MountainWings, I wanted to 
make sure that we didn't intrude upon anyone. The e-mail limit 
gave anyone that didn't really want to receive MountainWings, 
but may have felt obligated to a friend or relative, an easy way 

On the first of next month we will triple our e-mail capacity.
We will then have the opposite situation. We will have an 
excess capacity of nearly 20,000 per day. I won't like to see 
that 20,000 go to waste but I don't want to impose on one single 

So what's third level thinking?

The three levels are: 

1. Thought 
2. Words
3. Action 

I will use MountainWings to illustrate this.

Those of you that stayed, 97%, obviously think well of 
MountainWings. Even many that un-subscribed wrote and said they 
had multiple e-mail addresses and was having MountainWings sent 
to all of them and were un-subscribing the extra ones.

For the 97% that stayed, all think positive thoughts about 
MountainWings. That's the first level, the level of thought.

The second level is the level of words.

Many e-mailed (words), about how MountainWings was blessing them 
and some were even afraid that it was being discontinued. 
No, it is here to stay and there will never be a monetary charge 
for MountainWings.

Words are powerful.

Think of how many times you have been down and a cheerful or 
encouraging word from a stranger has helped you make it through 
the day and added sunshine.

On the opposite note, think how a caustic remark or an untactful 
criticism has kept you up at night, unable to sleep.

Words are powerful; they are the second level.

Many e-mailed and said they would like to make a contribution to 
MountainWings. Some said they would even pay $30.00 a year to 
subscribe to MountainWings. You asked in droves how you could 
financially contribute.

That's the third level. Action!

I will tell you how you can contribute.

Whatever amount you wanted to financially contribute to 
MountainWings, take that amount, and help a stranger with it.
MountainWings is in no danger of being discontinued.

Third-level thinking automatically encompasses the first two 
levels and greatly surpasses them.

Take your job as an example.

Everyone knows of someone at the job that's having problems.
It doesn't even need to be someone that's having problems, 
just someone that's maybe helped you or that you admire.

Suppose you went to them and said, "I really admire the way that 
you (fill in the blank), it really influenced me and helped to 
make me better, I would really appreciate it if you would accept 
this $5.00 and let me help buy your lunch today."

Thought, words, action The Third Level.

If it's male-female, make sure there are no romantic 
undercurrents; this is about helping someone, not getting a 

That little $5 would make a major impact in someone's life.
It could very well be the best lunch that they have had in 
years. It may even be a lunch seasoned with tears as they think 
there is at least someone that appreciates them.

Everyone has the power for third level living. Some may think, 
"I don't have any money to spare." It doesn't have to be money, 
that's just one example. And you do have money to spare.

Just skip your lunch to buy someone else's. It won't hurt you, 
it will actually do you good, I should know. I wrote the book 
on it, http://www.quickfasting.com .

MountainWings is limited. There is just so much that 
MountainWings can do but those that read it, have 100,000 times 
more potential for good. The ultimate purpose of MountainWings 
is not just to make you feel good, but to take you to the level 
where you make others feel good.

Things of true power and good have within them the seeds of 

The third level is not some strange philosophy so don't look for 
it in some mystic book. It is a simple principle that is 
practiced by anyone that makes the world better.

It's the simple principle of thinking a good thought, saying a 
good thing, and then, no matter how small, doing something good 
for someone.

I saw by the outpouring of support for MountainWings that many 
of you have moved to the third level. 

Each of you has someone that you see every day that needs your 
help. Maybe it's your boss and he doesn't need your $5.00. 

No, maybe he doesn't need your $5, but I can guarantee that your 
boss needs the thought of you having enough admiration to part 
with your $5.00. 

I know you need help too but that's not the point. You have the 
power to help another with something as simple and inexpensive 
as lunch and a few words of praise. 

It may not only be the best lunch that they've had in years;
It may also be the best lunch that you've missed in years.

Remember mountaintops are never crowded. 
Few live on the third level. You can.
You bless others immensely when you travel there.
One small step at a time.
Maybe that first step will begin at lunchtime.

The Third Level.

A MountainWings Original

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