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The Loan Application

It was shortly after marriage when it became clear that two 
people joining in Holy matrimony included the marriage of 
debts. My total personal debt before marriage was approximately 
$3,000, but it suddenly increased to approximately $30,000.00. 

My wife could not work for about three years due to intermittent 
ill health. Income that was adequate for me at one time, 
suddenly had to be extended to her debts. Our credits began to 
decline. Her car was repossessed amongst other bad experiences. 

As her health improved, boredom overtook her. She suggested 
starting a small business from home. She then decided to 
capitalize on her excellent sewing skills. We bought a machine 
and she began. Money was short and sewing jobs were few. On 
the day that she got, what was for us, a huge job, approximately 
$400 for one dress, the sewing machine broke. With no money to 
repair that one or purchase a new machine, we threw our hands up 
in despair and decided we would call our client to pick up her 
unfinished fabric. 

On that day I had returned home for lunch since I worked 
nearby. We discussed our dilemma, we accepted our plight, I 
disappointingly had some lunch and started my walk back to 
work. On my way I had to pass a Central Carolina Bank. 

Just as I reached the bank, a voice inside of me spoke "Go 
inside and get a loan." I figured it was desperation talking 
since the bank was the source of our solution (Money). 

I replied, "That's not the way it works. You don't just walk 
off the street without a plan of repayment or formal proposal 
and receive money from the bank". 

"Just go inside. What's the worse that can happen?" the voice 

At that time I was standing before the bank alone, a petrified 
soul, debating a voice inside my head, sometimes laughing out 
loud and sometimes disgusted at such a despicable idea. 

"This is foolish, but like you said, what's the worse that can 
happen. Even if it doesn't work, she doesn't know that I tried 
this foolish idea anyway. So, okay! Here I go, stupidly into 
this building without a plan, as I know it should be. I 
whispered a prayer, Lord, please go ahead of me and make this 
way straight. Courage, here I go!" 

Once in the bank, I asked the bank manager a rhetorical 
question, "How does one obtain a loan from your bank?" 

"You fill out an application." She said. 

"Okay, I wish to fill one out. What's the most I can ask for?" 
another rhetorical question. 

"Well, how much would you like to borrow?" she asked. 

"Approximately two hundred dollars." I replied. 

"Do you have an account with us?" she asked. 

"Yes, and my account number is 4404899." 

"Well, let me see how your account looks." she said. 

She stopped typing, reviewed the computer screen then said, 
"By the way, you can borrow up to five hundred dollars and 
there's no need for an application." 

"What do you mean?" I asked shocked, anxious and puzzled. 

"Just go to the teller, and tell her that you would like a loan 
of whatever amount, up to five hundred dollars, and just sign a 
withdrawal slip." 

"Is that all?" "Why does it seem so easy?" 

"Some time ago, you requested the bank to grant you a check 
protection account. That loan was approved but apparently, 
you've never needed it. So, its there and its all yours upon 

Wow! Whew! You probably know my disposition at that moment. 
God was in the blessing business at that moment. I withdrew two 
hundred dollars, ran back home, pulled my wife by the hand into 
the room, spread two hundred dollars all over the bed, drawn in 
five dollar bills, then we prayed together for God's intervention 
into our lives at one of those times when we needed Him most. 

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