#1193  One Week

This is a true story. 

It happened with one of the people that work for me, 
the writer of MountainWings.com.

Last week, a young man in the shipping department asked to take 
some time off from work. His wife's grandmother had passed and 
he and his family were driving up north to the funeral. 
She passed on the 8th of this month.

I talked with the young man today and asked him how things went.

"You know we went to the funeral for my wife's grandmother and 
while we were there, her grandfather died also. She died on the 
8th and he died on the 14th. He died 20 minutes after the viewing 
of the body at the funeral home. They buried them both at the 
same funeral, and they buried them in the same grave, 
one on top of the other."

They had been married over 50 years.

The events had the appearance of tragedy, yet I saw something 
greater. The shortest MountainWings issue of recent times was a 
simple quote. 

This was the issue: http://www.mountainwings.com/past/1134.htm

This was the quote: 

"If you live to be a hundred, 
I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, 
So that I never have to live without you."

That's real marriage. That's real love. It's stuff that most 
will only read about in romance novels. Few live it, few feel 
it, fewer still would die for it.

Few people realize that to truly achieve a love like that,
you do have to die. You have to die to self.

The grandfather simply couldn't make it one week without his 
love. Or maybe, she had already said to him:

"If you live to be a hundred,
I want to live to be a hundred minus one week,
So that I never have to live a week without you."

A MountainWings Original

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