#1212  Half A Sugar

I handle a lot in the business world.

I manage two companies and pastor a church. I make decisions, 
put out fires, deal with people, handle disputes among employees 
and customers, handle the finances when things are tight, and 
all of the other myriad of things that go along with running 

Plus, I write most of the original MountainWings.com issues.

All of that plus a little more equals about half a sugar.

What's a sugar?

That's my two-year-old son.

I call him "The Sugar", but his name is Josees.

He is the sweetest little boy in the world, 
but The Sugar is busy.

I kept The Sugar and my oldest son (he's five) tonight while my 
wife went to a meeting. 

When The Sugar and the five-year old get together it puts The 
Sugar in turbo mode.

Men, if you don't know what turbo mode is, 
just ask any mother of a child two or older.

With adults under my supervision and payroll, I have some 
authority. They listen quite attentively if I ever raise my 
voice. Although material power is lacking in many respects, 
it does have mankind's respect.

Not so with The Sugar. The Sugar doesn't give a hoot.

The Sugar represents many of the things in life.
Many of the things in life don't give a hoot about power, 
authority, education, money, or how eloquent you speak.

There is nothing that I have that's more precious than my two 
boys. Yet, there is not much in an ordinary day that will top a 
few hours with the two little darlings in exasperation.

Life often gives us our greatest loves and greatest challenges 
all rolled up into one person or thing.

When my wife got home she said:
"How did that food get on The Sugar's head?"
"How did that spot get on the sofa?"
"Why is his shirt wet?"
"How did all of this stuff get in the middle of the floor?"

That was just the first 30 seconds after she got home.
She couldn't fathom how I let things get so out of hand.

The answer to those questions. . .

That's another issue. . . a long one.

Boy, was I glad to hear the garage door go up signaling the 
arrival of my wife.

I pretended like it was a breeze handling the two darlings.

It was. 

It was just a 100 miles per hour breeze.

I saw a bumper sticker on a van with child seats. 
It read: "Get a real job, be a housewife."

The Sugar has made me appreciate that bumper sticker.

Two businesses, a church, MountainWings

Half a sugar

About the same

A MountainWings Original

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