#1228  HALF

Half of the mistakes made in your relationship 
will most likely be yours.

That's a deep, but mathematically accurate thought.

It is typical in our church men's meeting to talk about all of 
the things that women do in the relationship.

From what I've heard, the women's meeting is the same.

All of the quirks, the errors, the unappreciative and 
inconsiderate things, how "they" have to be babied, if only 
"they" were more mature, and that it is a good thing that "we" 
are so much more mature in order to be able to put up with 

Yet in truth, each side makes about half of the mistakes.

It is always difficult to see our own faults. 
It's always easy to see the other person's shortcomings.

I sometimes wonder "where has the love gone?"

You rarely hear anyone say, "I know they've got their weaknesses, 
but I love them so much that it doesn't matter."

You rarely hear anyone say, "I got in this for better or for 
worse, in sickness and in health, rich or poor, that's what I 
said and that's what I mean and I'm so glad I married him/her."

We had one man in the men's meeting recently; he had been 
married for 46 years and said that he loved his wife a thousand 
times more now than he did when he married.

He was the oldest man in the group.

He was also perhaps the wisest.

It was refreshing.

You hear so much of the things wrong in relationships, but you 
very rarely hear how much in love a couple is.

Even if people feel it, they don't say it very much.

Neither of them.

Now who's fault is that?

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