#1229 - The Waves

Recently we were running short on e-mail capacity as we 
reached our subscriber limit. Now we are on an e-mail plan with 
more capacity and much excess. Such is life. . .

One moment you have shortage. . .
The next you have excess. . .

One day you have nothing to do. . .
The next you don't have time to get it all done. . .

One day the refrigerator is empty and you are hungry. . .
The next you have a half eaten meal in front of you and you are 
stuffed. . .

One month you've got money to spare and you wonder what to buy
The next you've got a bounced check. . .

One moment you are full of energy and can't go to sleep. . .
The next you are drained and can't get up. . .

One day you are the center of attention. . .
The next you wonder if anyone knows you are alive. . .

It's the waves of life. 
They carry us up and down and all around.

Money, friends, your body, your relationships, your job, and the 
rest of the list, they all vary. They all go in waves.

It took me a while to really understand the statement, 
"The Kingdom of Heaven is Within." 

No commercial can show you that. 

Commercials make you believe it's in the jazzy new car or the 
big screen TV. Yes, those things can thrill you for a moment, 
but it's only a wave. After a little while, the thrill is gone.

I have always recognized that if money and things brought happiness, 
then all rich people with things would be happy.

It ain't so. 

We easily see how poverty can cause unhappiness, but we are 
deluded into believing that money solves all things.

Life is full of stuff. I wouldn't trade my life with anyone, 
it's one of the most blessed that I know, but it's still full of 
stuff. One thing after another, one challenge after another, 
one situation after another, day by day, never-ending . . .

It's the waves and there is no stopping them from the outside.

You can only calm the inside, so that like a submarine, you ride 
deep beneath the waves. 

Though a storm is raging, you are at peace.

Most are tossed and turned by waves.
Some like the sub, ride deep beneath the daily storms in peace.
Some simply surf the waves and have a lot of fun.
Some drown.

You can't stop the waves; it's the nature of the ocean of life.

You can only choose which method you will use to handle them.

You can be tossed like most.
You can drown like many.
You can surf and have fun while you can, but even a surfer gets 
tired and there's nowhere to sleep on a surfboard.

To ride comfortably beneath the waves requires a ship containing 
breath that is not our own.

That ship. . . 

. . . is not crowded.

Peace - Be Still

A MountainWings Original

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