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How To Beat Traffic

If you want to beat traffic. . .

Pick some fruit!!

Yesterday it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to go 10 miles. 

I was frustrated. 
I was powerless. 
I was exhausted. 
I was grateful. 
I was victorious. 
I was energized.

Heavy traffic volumes are a fact of life in any big city. 
Many of the local governments fund road improvement programs, 
only to close lanes as they improve the roads. 

Lanes close, traffic increases, people get more frustrated and 
distracted, they have accidents, they cause more traffic 

It's a vicious cycle. 

It is often said that a person's first reaction in times of 
crisis tells a lot about that person. I say that a person's 
reaction while traveling six inches per minute tells even more 
about that person. 

Sitting in traffic is one of the best times to pick some fruit. 

Pick some patience. . . 
You'll be able to relax. 
After all, you'll be sitting there for a while anyway.

Pick some peace. . .
Try something different --- instead of listening to the radio 
traffic reports about the traffic you're sitting in, turn the 
radio off. Play a classical CD. 
Or better yet, just enjoy the quiet time.

Pick some kindness. . . 
Smile at the person in the car next to you. 
Now that's really different!

Pick some love. . .
Start a conversation with your spouse or child about something 
you know is bothering them. Time spent driving can be time 
spent talking and understanding each other. 

Pick some joy. . .
Be thankful that you're not the person involved in the calamity 
that's causing the traffic.

Pick some faith. . .
Take this time to look up at the sky, observe the trees, 
marvel at the birds. Think about your own life. 
Then you'll know for sure that there is a God.

Pick some gentleness. . .
I know you have a cell phone, so pick it up and call someone you 
haven't spoken to in months. You still remember the number. 

Pick some goodness. . .
Plan a good deed that you'll do for someone as soon as you get 
out of the traffic. Maybe there's something you can do 
immediately to help the person on the side of the road.

Pick some meekness. . .
No matter what kind of car you're riding in, understand that 
it's not by your own works that you were able to obtain it. 

Once you pick your fruit, your frustration, powerlessness, and 
exhaustion will transform into gratitude, victory and energy.

You'll have a new outlook on life all because you pulled over, 

. . . and decided to pick some fruit.

A Mountain Wings Original 
by C. Elijah Bronner

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