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#1243 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

No Complaints

Pastoring a church teaches you about as much as you teach 
people. Running a business does the same.

As I went to ministers' conferences and talked privately 
with other ministers, they often pulled me to the side 
and as a new minister offered me words of counsel and 
wisdom gleaned from years of experience.

One consistent theme kept surfacing. No matter whom I 
talked with, no matter what denomination, big city or 
country town, the phenomenon was the same.

Minister after minister told me and I began to see that it 
not only applied to ministry, it applied to life in 

"Heavy givers are light complainers."

Originally I thought, "These men are just focused on money. 
They are judging people and character based on how much 
money they put in. That's wrong."

In my own church I slowly began to notice a similar 
pattern, every, not some, but every complainer was a low 
giver. I was not focused on money in the church, I didn't 
even take a salary but the correlation was unmistakable. 
I saw what the other ministers were talking about.

I then began to look around the job for the same 
phenomenon. Sure enough, heavy givers were light 
complainers. "How can you have a giver at a job?" you ask.

President John F. Kennedy perhaps gave us the best 
statement for separating givers.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can 
do for your country."

A giver asks, "what can I do." 
Low or non-givers ask, "what can you do for me." 

We are all mixtures of both qualities but some are more 
heavily oriented on one end or the other. Usually every 
family has at least one giver. They are the ones everyone 
goes to, for help or just to talk. They always have a 
listening ear and would be the one that most can depend on. 
They are the givers.

They also are usually the one with most unburdened spirit. 
Giving has that effect. It helps the giver and the 

Find someone that is a giver, not stuck with 
responsibilities that they can't escape from, but a giver 
from the heart and ask them, "how's life?"

Chances are they'll say, 

"I've got no complaints."

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