Prepare to Fly - Let help lift YOU over the Mountains of Life

Select MountainWings issues from the first nine months of MountainWings

The Bus Ride*

The Big Lottery Winner*


The Weakest Link*

1000 Marbles

1 Day

The Wooden Bowl

The Rusty Car*

The Greatest Golfer*

Faulty Valve*

Cold and Chilly

Better Than A Rolls*

Itty Bitty Things*

The Janitor

The Facts of Life

They Called Me A Hero*

You Want Heroes

One Wish*

The Rear View Mirror*

My Two Cents Worth*

The Stranger*

A Heart Like Jesus*

The Barefoot Golfer*

I’ve Learned

Learning to Run*

The Bent Antenna*

The Dog and The Leopard

Pritty Good*

The 100 Dollar Bill

The Fork

The Third Level*

Cars and Old Age

The Loan Application

Love 2.0


Weeds and Seeds*

Women Should NOT Have Children After 35!!!*



The Grade

An Old Man

The Parachute

The Empty Bird Cage


Pink and Blue Cows*

A Test

A Simple Act of Kindness*

Half A Sugar*

The Daffodil Principle


Tiny Letters to God


The Waves*

What Goes Around*

Doggie Talk*

How To Beat Traffic*

No Complaints*

The Meaning of Peace

10 Things You Didn't Know


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