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from the first four months of MountainWings
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Issues with an  *  by the subject are Original MountainWings writings. 
Other issues are “Author Unknown”.  The “Laugh for The Day” is also “Author Unknown”.
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So What About Jesse?*

The More You Do*

Drug Store*


 It's Not That Simple*

Mo Money - Mo Problems*

I Believe

 Closet Space*

One Track Mind*

Baby Pigeons*


Misteaks Happen*

Can't Please Everybody*

 Extraction #2*

New Company Policies

Math Test

 Husband Fishing

Are You Old?

Mama in school long time*

 The Big Flash*

Sweet Thoughts*

The Answer - Dorothy


Babies Sick*

Cold Ball*


Fear of The Thing*

Pickup In The Rain

 Thoughts On Love


Tip of The Day

 The Love Contract

You Are Beautiful*

Obstacles In Your Path

 Something to Ponder

Corporate Structure

Giving When It Counts

 Condom Statistics

The Movies


Girl Angel

Getting Old

Hooked On Computers

 The Storms of Life*

Things aren't what they seem

Think Before Judging

Stuart Little - It’s Today*

The Error*

Randy the Rooster


What Grade Are You In?*

A Real MountainWings Fan

Take A Deep Breath*

The Toughest Miles*

The Naked Wife*

The Naked Wife Again*

Temptation Island - Jamaica #1*

Temptation Island - Jamaica #2*

Temptation Island - Jamaica #3*

The Bum*

Grandma’s Advice*

The Richest 1%

Dad Dee*


Nods and Shakes*

The Big Blooper*

The Period*

Apply to Date My Daughter

The Man With 4 Wives

Eleanor Roosevelt

Maybe You Have Other Plans?

Perfect Heart

Back Around Up*


Touch Me

Happiness When?

The Survivor

Go Rest*

MountainWings Rests*

Think On These Things



George Turklebaum*

. . . Until the Flowers*

39 cents of Understanding



Wait In Peace*

You Won’t Get Money Back*

3 Brands*

Babies Cry More*

Only A Man


The Bellsouth Diner

It’s His Choice*

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