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Radio Broadcasting Instructions for
The MountainWings Power Minute

Click Here for Daily Audio Files
Click Here for Daily Audio Files

Radio instructions for programmers for The MountainWings Power Minute.
Click Here for television Instructions  Format: MP3 60 seconds

The Power Minute is always available and scheduled 42 days in advance
therefore you can download, program and schedule up to 42 days ahead.
The MP3 for any day will be named in the format pmYYYY-MM-DD.mp3

For example, the Power Minute for June 2, 2009 is pm2009-06-02.mp3
and is always located at

You may also download them from the website by following these steps:
1. Go to
2. Scroll to the bottom, click Radio Stations
3. Click Download available Power Minute broadcasts.
4. Click or Right-Click on the AirDate for the Power Minute

This is the direct link to the daily Power Minute issues database:

The left column MP3 file is a 64k file and the AirDate MP3 file is a 128k file.
Both are broadcast quality but the AirDate MP3 file has two advantages,
first, it is named with the date so it simplifies things.
Second it is of slightly higher audio fidelity but the difference is very slight,
both sound great for radio broadcast.

If you have any technical difficulties contact us..

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