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Submit a Power Minute

Ministers, speakers and others may submit a Power Minute to MountainWings to be considered for airing as a Power Minute.
Power Minutes are aired to thousands via email, television and radio. 
Below are the submission guidelines:

These are the basic points if you are considering submitting a PowerMinute.

First, there is NO monetary payment.
Second, your name or any identifying ID will not be in the Power Minute. The speaker is listed on the website but not in the Power Minute. MountainWings is a service that helps people worldwide but does not normally promote the individual or organization, and the Power Minute keeps with that philosophy.
Third, you must grant us the unlimited right to use your submitted material. It does not hamper you from using it in any way, but you must grant us the right to use it.
Fourth, you must prove that it’s really you so that no one else submits your material without your permission. Proof of identity is NOT necessary if you only submit your Power Minute in written instead of audio recorded format. If you submit it in written form and it is used, then someone at the office will record it and we will know for sure whose voice it is.

So I won’t get money nor fame then what’s in it for me?
What you will get if your Power Minute is used is your message heard by thousands across the globe and treasure in heaven. The average church in America has 60 members. Not 60 in attendance each week but 60 members, yet there are countless pastors with awesome messages. The Power Minute allows many pastors the opportunity to have their voices and words heard around the world who otherwise would be limited to their wisdom and revelation only reaching the 60.

Do I need to be a minister or pastor?
No, you don’t, nor do you have to have a larger message that the Power Minute is taken from. If you have a worthwhile and decently recorded message then your message is eligible for the Power Minute.

Will I know if my message is chosen for a Power Minute?
As with other MountainWings submissions we try to let people know when a submission has been chosen for publication. Often even if chosen it make take awhile before it is actually published so patience is truly a virtue that you need.

If everything above sounds fine to you, then below are the details.

1. Read and agree to the Terms of Submission for all MountainWings submissions
2. Power Minutes are audio only, no video; although, we can extract audio from a video source.
3. Power Minute submissions must include permission to be used from the ORIGINAL speaker and the ORIGINAL writer of the material. This will require a faxed signed permission sheet with proof of identification.
4. If the Power Minute is taken from a sermon or larger message, we prefer that the entire message be submitted along with the Power Minute. Most Power Minutes have the original full length message available for listeners to hear at no charge.
5. The actual message portion of each Power Minute is 42 seconds. We have editing equipment to adjust the message a few seconds; therefore, the submitted Power Minute portion must be between 35 and 49 seconds long.
6. You may submit the audio in virtually any form. We can convert or extract the audio from CDs, DVDs, MP3s, wavs, etc.  The preferred format is a high quality MP3 file. Use the free service, and email it to staff at Mail DVDs and CDs to: MountainWings, 120 SELIG Dr., Atlanta, GA 30336.  You do not have to extract the audio. You may specify the start and stop times (and/or the beginning and ending wording) for the Power Minute section from the original source. You may also submit your Power Minute in written form here.
7. Print and fax or mail the permission form with a copy of a valid Drivers License.

If you would like to practice with the actual Power Minute background music you can download it here. Do not include the music track in the background when you submit your audio.

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